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ISOL-AIDE a Division of Component Systems, Inc.

Portable Protection for the Office

Isol-Aide Isolation Station
Aerosolized Powder Demonstrates the Isolation Station’s ability to isolate and capture airborne contaminants. Aerosolized Powder Demonstration

Isolation Station Performance
The Isolation Station is a portable, personal isolation device for inspecting and opening mail. Like the CVFU (Commercial Ventilation/ Filtration Unit) used in ISOL-AIDE rooms, it utilizes ULPA grade HEPA filtration to capture aerosolized particles that may be released during mail processing. It operates at a constant fan speed that continuously pulls high velocity, room air into the acrylic mail chamber. This directional air flow is appropriate to maintain negative pressure in the acrylic chamber and isolate its contents from the operator and the surrounding room. The Isolation Station operates quietly, with little draft or disturbance to your office.

Isolation Station Isolation Station

The Isolation Station fits on a standard desk, table or counter having a work surface of 48” wide x 30” deep or larger (see line drawings). The acrylic chamber accommodates envelopes, boxes, trays and bundles of mail (up to 13” wide x 18” long) on either side of the air intake. This feature allows both right and left handed operators to process mail comfortably. A hinged, acrylic panel above the chamber opening swings in or out for larger bundles and packages. To activate the Isolation Station, you simply depress the on-off switch. A red light will illuminate on the control panel to indicate air flow has started and it’s ready to accept your mail.

Share the Isolation Station among departments with the optional, ISOL-AIDE cart.
Share the Isolation Station among departments
with the optional, ISOL-AIDE mobile table.

For maximum portability, an optional mobile table is available to share the Isolation Station among offices or departments. Constructed of welded, heavy gauge steel, the ISOL-AIDE mobile table arrives completely assembled, features locking, polyurethane casters and double handles for access from either end. A lower level shelf accommodates mail, personal protection supplies (gloves/respirators) or disposal containers for envelopes to be discarded. When placed on the mobile table, the front of the acrylic chamber overhangs slightly so the operator can use a standard secretarial chair to comfortably process mail.

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