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ISOL-AIDE a Division of Component Systems, Inc.

ISOL-AIDE’s parent company, Component Systems, Inc., has enjoyed the reputation of being a leader in the field of environmental enclosures since 1978. Through its A-WALL Building Systems division, Component Systems designs and manufactures industrial, pre-engineered enclosures for people, process and products. These enclosures range in sophistication from simple, quieter environments for plant personnel to clean rooms, manufacturing process isolation rooms and temperature/humidity enclosures.

Industrial, plastics grinding process isolation room. Fine particulates generated by the process are contained using differential pressure and HEPA filtration.

The ISOL-AIDE division was formed in 1992 to develop and manufacture a fast, cost-effective means of isolating contagious Tuberculosis patients in health care settings. After decades of decline, the CDC had announced a 20% increase in reported TB cases from 1985 to 1992, with new, drug-resistant forms of the disease threatening health care workers. Hospitals at that time had inadequate respiratory isolation rooms. Conventional construction methods of converting existing patient and procedure rooms to negative pressure, isolation rooms required months of planning and implementation. In addition, many of the urban facilities hit hardest by the resurgence of TB were also the least capable of financing expensive, conventional room renovations.

Two, patented ISOL-AIDE products emerged from published research and testing done with the LSU School of Medicine and the Medical Center of Louisiana. The first was a medical device labeled the “Sputum Induction and Aerosol Treatment Chamber”. It protected health care workers during high-hazard procedures performed on diagnosed or suspect TB patients. The second product was the “Ventilation/Filtration Unit” (VFU). The ISOL-AIDE VFU enabled a health care facility to convert a typical patient room to respiratory isolation in accordance with CDC and OSHA guidelines... In a matter of days, and for a fraction of the cost of conventional renovation. This innovative approach to environmental control, backed by years of experience protecting people, products and process is the foundation on which ISOL-AIDE mail processing products were developed.

Typical patient exam room converted to respiratory isolation using the ISOL-AIDE VFU


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